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Yogini Sharma

Artist Yogini Sharma Artist Statement :

DivyaAakruti founded in October 2004, focuses on guiding people in their journeys of personal and spiritual growth using high-energy artwork; alchemical healing and shamanic practices and through wellness retreats conducted in the Himalayas.

Quitting my high-profile job in a reputed MNC bank in 2004, I decided to accept and follow the calling of my soul through colorful expressions leading me to unravel the magical world of colors, healing, energy dynamics and the secrets of powerful subconscious mind. Being self-taught and not having any preformed notions or guidelines for creating art, the entire universe was a canvas to express beauty.

The paintings follow the same science as Indian yantras and Tibetan mandalas and act as tools to withdraw one’s consciousness from the outside world and focus within seeking Infinity. Paintings can also be custom made depending on what people are seeking.

The wellness retreats in the magnificent Himalayas are more elaborate and comprise of treks and shamanic practices to gain access into the magical world of healing and beauty and are conducted for corporates, schools and private groups for all ages of people.

I have conducted these workshops for private groups in India, USA and Dubai, for corporates like Morgan Stanley and Aon Global Insurance Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai, for schools like Prelude Public school, Agra, Sophia college in Mumbai, for NGOs like Ashasadan (Dongri, Mumbai) and non-profitable educational institutes like the Kotak education drive for the underprivileged.

For further information on my work, kindly visit my website www.divya-aakruti.com


Contact Information
Yogini Sharma
Address : A701, Om Elegance 3, Chincholi Bunder road,
Opp Infant Jesus School, Malad west, Mumbai 400064
Email : aumdivyaaakruti@gmail.com
Tel : +91 9820605042
Website : www.divya-aakruti.com
Follow on Facebook : www.facebook.com/Divya.Aakruti
  • Shakti, Painting by Yogini Sharma
  • Dashavtaars of Aum, Painting by Yogini Sharma
  • Journey of the self, Painting by Yogini Sharma
  • The Sri Yantra, Painting by Yogini Sharma