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Vishnu Bhatwadekar

Artist Vishnu Bhatwadekar V G Bhatwadekar is an Architect by profession. From his childhood he took a liking for paintings and has been sketching and painting as a hobby even when he was very occupied in his profession later in life. He painted for satisfying his passion for the art and his acquaintances, including a leading art critic appreciated and carried some of his paintings which he was always be happy to share. As a result his paintings now decorate homes and offices in many different cities in India & US.

Mr Bhatwadekar is a multifaceted personality and after retirement from his profession he developed new hobbies like Study of Agriculture, weather. With his in depth understanding of Weather patterns and agriculture, he uses this knowledge to predict weather/monsoon, primarily with the goal of helping farmers. He is often found amidst farmers that look forward to his advice on monsoon.

He continues to paint for hobby and has now expressed a desire to share his paintings on a larger platform.


  • Aerobics, Painting by Vishnu Bhatwadekar
  • Diya, Painting by Vishnu Bhatwadekar
  • Women, Painting by Vishnu Bhatwadekar
  • Universe, Painting by Vishnu Bhatwadekar