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Vijaya Rajagopalan

Artist Vijaya Rajagopalan Vijaya Rajagopalan has always been painting or sketching. She began as a self-taught artist in her early school years, and started sketching with charcoal from her mother's kitchen.

She continued sketching as a hobby at school and added on water colors, oil and more recently, acrylic. She has lived all over India and her paintings reflect these experiences. She is a keen observer of the simple aspects of life around her and attempts to capture these perspectives on her canvas.

Her canvases reflect a variety of themes still life, portraits , abstracts, landscapes as she firmly believes in the tenet that Art does represent Life in all it's facets. Vijaya has displayed her work in shows and also some private viewings for individual art buyers, both in India and in the US.

She has also been a student of the well-known Bangalore artist, Mr M.G. Doddamani, with whose guidance she has learned the intricacies of form and color, and believes, this has greatly enhanced her innate skills. In addition, he has taught her to work in a variety of mediums like oil, pastel, acrylic.

Her collection here largely comprises acrylics with a few oils, and, as always, represents a variety of themes that will resonate with a cross-section of art lovers there is something for everyone.


  • Women and Lives, Painting by Vijaya Rajagopalan
  • Glass vase with Flowers, Painting by Vijaya Rajagopalan
  • Untitled, Painting by Vijaya Rajagopalan
  • Bronze Masai, Painting by Vijaya Rajagopalan