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Shobha Majumdar

Shobha Majumdar Shobha Majumdar is a self taught artist. She picked up the Brush in late nineties to meet her creative urge and to fill her leisure hours from the hectic schedule of a full time job. Such process has provided her both, relaxation as well as connect with the Higher Being. She has worked in media such as watercolour and acrylic in different art forms - figurative, abstract, cubism, surreal and geometric abstract.

Over the period of time, she worked on series on Nature - Manifestation, Destruction, Regeneration, Women - Different Moods, Different Modes, Life's Journey, Connecting, Balance etc.

Shobha held her first Art exhibition - Nature at India International Centre, New Delhi in 2009.
Her second exhibition was held at Bliss Art Gallery, Koregaon park, Pune in January-February 2014.

Shobha lives in Delhi with her husband, also a former civil servant.


  • Balance, Painting by Shobha Majumdar
  • Dreams, Painting by Shobha Majumdar
  • Fusion, Painting by Shobha Majumdar
  • Plunder, Painting by Shobha Majumdar