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Shirish Deshpande

Artist Shirish Deshpande Artist Statement :

I am software pro and a businessman by profession and an Artist by heart.

Till the age of ten, I was not interested in any visual art. A small incident in my school and my big teenager ego swung that situation to the other extreme. Since then, I have spent major part of every class (and every ‘important’ work meeting) I ever attended doodling on the back of my notebooks.

I work in the thriving Indian software industry since more than a decade and a half. But my art is my main passion (apart from wife, kids, books, movies, gadgets, gymming, adventure sports, diving, travel and video games, not necessarily in that order!!).

I believe that art is the sole thing which separates us as superior beings to all other species, and welcoming art in one's life is connecting to the soul of the Universe.

I have been involved in various mediums of visual arts, from pencils, pen and inks, pen-ink-watercolors, ball point pens, oil paintings as well as digital. Within digital, I have worked from highly stylized black and white work to multicolored works to natural media imitating styles.

I work in realistic, as well as expressive styles. I love drawing human figures, landscapes, buildings, tidbits from everyday life, to fantasy art, to graphic novels.
In short, I do not believe in any style, medium or subject restrictions on my work. I love to always experiment and improve. I have no formal arts training. All my training has come from books, meeting with eminent artists, visiting art galleries, and implementing these ideas into my art. Since recent years, Internet has been an immense source of tips, techniques and inspiration.

I am also an avid comic book writer, and short film maker. Two of my graphic stories have been published in different issues of comixindia.com, and my artwork has received praise for its quality.


Born :

  • 1974


Education :

  • Master in Computer Management, Bachelor of Science (Electronics)


Current Occupation :

  • An internet based Distribution Business + I. T.


  • Flowers, Painting by Shirish-Deshpande
  • Merilyn, Painting by Shirish-Deshpande
  • Mermaid, Painting by Shirish-Deshpande
  • Waterfall in the Woods, Painting by Shirish-Deshpande