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Radha Ranavade

Artist Radha Ranavade Artist Statement :

I am an Arts graduate from Pune University and has had a great inclination towards drawing since an early age. Being self-taught, have been divinely blessed to explore my deep passion for art without any formal training.

I am a watercolorist. For me, my Painting is an awesome medium to express different shades of moods, feelings and emotions. My art portrays the "Theme of Love" which is born from an enduring fascination for "Radha-Krishna". My work series of "Radha-Krishna Art" possesses its own piece of uniqueness in the ability to stimulate the viewers visually. Emerging from my inherited talent, I have tried giving a very different dimensional look to my paintings beyond the color boundaries. My work is much more than just figurative curves and brush strokes.

Being a jewelry designer, I have combined my designing skills with creativity. I have developed my own style by trying new combinations and have applied a self made technique which defines the uniqueness of my paintings and enhances its beauty more gracefully. I have portrayed my paintings with the Kundan Art which represents the Jewelry of Radha Krishna. This technique represents the forte of my paintings by reflecting life in the characters.

My other conventional mediums are color pencils, glass-marking and gel pen (dots and lines). My work is figurative. I am a Painter, a beginner, who strives to fulfill the drive towards the journey of an Art to be known as an "Artist".

Education :

  • Graduated in Arts (Economics)
  • Diploma in Jewelry Designing (Topper in the Institute & Awarded for the best design)
  • Diploma in Graphic Designing (Awarded for the best design)


Group Show :

  • Balgandharv Kala Dalan, Pune


  • Brahmand, Painting by Radha Ranavade
  • Freedom, Painting by Radha Ranavade
  • Lord Vishnu, Painting by Radha Ranavade
  • Tirupati Balaji, Painting by Radha Ranavade