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Prisa Khara

Artist Prisa Khara Artist Statement :

I am a Computer Science graduate with an artistic inclination towards drawing since an early age. I am very creative in my artistic endeavors and love to try new combinations to give life to my paintings. My colors, dry and oil pastels, pencil color and charcoal painting. My works display my love for all things natural around me. I also conduct origami workshops for people who share a common interest in learning by exploring new avenues. As is for many, art is a way of liberating me from the world and surrounding myself with the manifestations of all things beautiful. Encapsulating myself into the solitude of my room for hours and creating art gives me utmost happiness. Whenever my work makes someone smile or inspires them, I consider myself to have done something good in the world which is much in need of such surreal experiences.

Born :

  • 1991


Education :

  • B.E in Computer Engineering
  • Pursuing 2D animation course from Arena, Rajkot


  • Traditional Lady, Painting by Prisa Khara
  • Antique frame,  by Prisa Khara
  • Stone Carving, by Prisa Khara
  • Horse, Painting by Prisa Khara