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Pooja Singh Chhetri

Artist Pooja Singh Chhetri Artist Statement :

I am a Fashion designer by Profession and I have had the privilege of working with some of the leading and renowned National and International brands. After a successful career I left my job to look after the family and pursued further education to match with the enduring lifestyle.

However as an artist of different sorts while I was in the colorful world of apparel designing I had always felt that I had a lot more to express about the deep hidden meaning of life and the mysterious Nature and to quench this thirst of mine I took to the colorful world of brushes where I could express myself through the language of colors.

I am a self taught artist who tries to understand the relationship of life with its mysterious surroundings. As I put myself on the Canvas I have no fear of perfection, as to me this world and nature and can never be perfect.

Colors have now become an obsession of my life and now as I paint, I feel the strokes of my brushes flow on canvas as if they are speaking to them. It truly accomplishes and soothes me and provides me with abundant satisfaction of touching and reaching for something thatís yet to be explored. It is truly said that, "To see Far is one thing but to Go there is another."

My favorite mediums are Oil and Acrylic and I prefer to be versatile in my work but portrait and abstract come naturally to me. I feel my contribution to this world is my ability to express myself in all shades of truth and I want to do so as long as I can.

Education :

  • Degree in Fashion Designing
  • B.Ed, M.Ed


  • Bestowed Peace, Painting by Pooja Singh Chhetri
  • Imperfect Bonding, Painting by Pooja Singh Chhetri
  • Tranquility, Painting by Pooja Singh Chhetri
  • Remembering Krishna, Painting by Pooja Singh Chhetri