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Nikhil Pawar

Artist Nikhil Pawar A self-taught artist, he looks into the deeper aspects of life and emotions attached to it. His drawings are mainly made out of charcoal and lately started using pencil colors.

He is on his path to become a voracious reader. It makes him think about the emotional aspects of life which he tries to display through his drawings. He tries to give the abstract thought a visual appearance. Every stroke of his pencil gives him a satisfaction of creating something out of an abstract thought. It is through his art he reaches a deep sense of satisfaction and it helps him convey his thoughts to others.

For him, drawing is a form of meditation which connects him with the larger cosmos. With every creation, he grows as an individual.


Contact Information
Nikhil Pawar
Email : peacenikhil@gmail.com
Tel : +91 - 9766368822
Follow on Facebook : www.facebook.com/nikhil.pawar.568
Follow on Tumblr : www.merakimagic.tumblr.com
  • Mind, Painting by Nikhil Pawar
  • Shiva, Painting by Nikhil Pawar
  • Dad & Me, Painting by Nikhil Pawar
  • Woman, Painting by Nikhil Pawar