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Megha Gupta

Artist Megha Gupta Artist Statement :

Hello!! And thanks for showing interest in my art. Introducing me, MEGHA GUPTA as an artist is a new venture in my life. I'm a self made artist and want to paint to the satisfaction of my severe critic, that is none other than myself. I am working as an Software Engineer in IT Industry in Pune. I have always found time to spend on things which I was longing to do for years. Painting is one of them!

When I see of nature, I am always overwhelmed by its beauty and simplicity. I get engrossed in observing the little activities of simple life which is in perfect harmony with the nature. Creating art gives me great joy. It sets me free and I just spend hours and hours immersing my soul into the pure pleasure of painting art. I love to paint portraits and landscapes.

I consider painting as a very powerful medium to express what I experience in nature. I found my subjects in both, the hustle & bustle of a city and serenity & tranquil calmness of countryside. And most importantly I think that my paintings should also communicate with their viewers. I think that expression and communication are two important facets of my creative work.

Hope you also find the same joy looking at paintings!"


  • Born this way, Painting by Megha Gupta
  • A way to memories, Painting by Megha Gupta
  • Behind my Eyes, Painting by Megha Gupta
  • Dont follow me, Painting by Megha Gupta