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Maya Wakankar

Artist Maya Wakankar Artist Statement :

Though having an educational background of hotel management, I always wanted to paint. With no formal education in the art field, I was grateful to have guidance of yesteryear artist the late Madhukar Chapekar for a few years until he passed away. A gap of 8 years later I did a water colours workshop with renowned artist Milind Mulick and consider myself lucky to have him as my teacher. What started as a hobby is now gaining momentum in the right direction. I love to paint with watercolor, acrylics and oil. I have held three exhibitions till date.  I feel proud to say that my paintings have been bought  by people from Australia, Bangalore and the UK.

Painting is may passion and I love to paint whatever is in front of me. My subject is usually a still life or a landscape. The mood, the atmosphere, the rhythm of life can be found in most delicate patterns of shade and light.  I feel  emotional involvement in any painting is very necessary.

Born :

• 1965


  • Scottish Palace - 1, Painting by Maya Wakankar
  • Greenery - 1, Painting by Maya Wakankar
  • Leh, Painting by Maya Wakankar
  • Scotland, Painting by Maya Wakankar