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Madhu Awasthi

Artist Madhu Awasthi Artist statement :

Ever since from my early childhood to till date the bug of art aesthetics ignites me to do something that gives me joy and hence for me, Sketching and painting is the answer to it.

Professionally though, I'm established as Software Engineer and working with MNC currently but that doesn't stop my passion and love for art.

To be precise about my art orientation, I am a self-taught artist with no formal training. My influences and ideas for art are generally inclined from backdrop of semblance and space around us to which I have my own perspective, observations and experiences which can be later visualized in my artwork. Art to me is way of expression. It can fill every blank space with beautiful colors.

On the grounds, my artwork includes acrylic on canvas and charcoal painting.

Born :

  • 1989


Education :

  • Master of Computer Applications


Current Occupation :

  • Working as a software engineer


  • With Depth Comes Darkness, Painting by Madhu Awasthi
  • Motherly Love - 01, Painting by Madhu Awasthi
  • Bright Eyed OWL, Painting by Madhu Awasthi
  • The Beautiful Mind, Painting by Madhu Awasthi