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Lizisha Singh

Lizisha Singh Artist Statement :

If I were to define 'Art',I would define it in three words i.e. "Imaginative mind's fantasy". I feel that when an artist makes a painting trying to depict a particular thought, it may entirely be perceived differently by the viewers. As many minds analyzing the art as many will be the thoughts emerging out of it. My reality of a painting may or may not be the same as you would view it. The perceptions are completely tentative in nature and that's what create an excitement in the world of art. I leave my viewers at free will to give meanings to my art work because it is your mind that brings life in a painting else its just a piece of canvas botched with colors.


Born :

  • 1992


Education :

  • Masters in Sociology from Punjabi University
  • 1998 - 2011 : Yadavindra Public School, Patiala


Interests :

  • Apart from making oils, I am a freelance writer, design websites as well


Sports :

  • I love to swim, play basketball and lawn tennis is my all time favourite sport


  • Love Birds in Moonlight, Painting by Lizisha Singh
  • Meditation - The Buddha, Painting by Lizisha Singh
  • Subtlety of Flowers, Painting by Lizisha Singh
  • Lovers in Hope, Painting by Lizisha Singh