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Janaki Anand

Artist Statement :

I have always been passionate about art but have only takenup painting seriously in mid-life. For the past twenty-five years of my life I had devoted solely to bringing up my two daughters and home. But even as a child I was keen on art and I have been painting intermittently over the years. I was always fascinated by colours and this pre-dominates in my earlier art but over the yearsmy art is growing with me gaining in form and substance. A lot of my recent works incline towards serious aspects of life and spirituality.

Ideas are the focal points of my work and so I tend to ignore detail. My ideas normally need a lot of freedom and space so my strokes are bold and the canvas large. Also, I dislike repetition so each piece is unique in concept and configuration.It is not monetary concerns that drive me to the easel but rather some vague disquiet, an inner drive. And I find the pleasure putting brush to canvas and seeing forms taking shape indescribable. I paint because I must.

I do not have any formal training in art. My paintings were never exhibited and it is only now that I have been able to paint seriously and have a collection for general viewing. Besides painting I also go in for a bit of poetry and prose writing and worked as Sub-editor, AIR, before marriage.


  • Untiled, Painting by Janaki Anand
  • Freedom, Painting by Janaki Anand
  • Untiled, Painting by Janaki Anand
  • Zebras, Painting by Janaki Anand