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Dhanashree Adapawar

Artist Dhanashree Adapawar Artist Statement :

I am by profession a Mechanical Engineer working in designing department. Painting is something I love and used to do it in my leisure as a hobby. I always loved to paint with Acrylic colors on Cloth, Ceramic Pots or any handicrafts made by myself. Also, I love to visit art galleries especially, those which display traditional art forms. I am fond of various traditional art forms which depict their rich culture and traditions.

I have mostly made Oil Paintings and few in number which includes landscape and abstract. I am inspired by various themes or ideas and like to club them in one or it can be just combined into a good color scheme which depict some or the other view point. I havenít had any professional training for this however, has learned this from one of my friend and Teacher, the basics of Oil Painting on Canvas. Also, my mother is my guide in this artistic work as she is good with fine arts. She has always encouraged me and inspired me for these artistic skills. I would further love to explore my skills on Water color paintings as well.


Born :

  • 1990


Education :

  • B. S. in Mechanical Engineering


Current Occupation :

  • Working as an Associate Design Engineer with Eaton, Pune


  • Untitled, Painting by Dhanashree Adapawar
  • River Side Landscape, Painting by Dhanashree Adapawar
  • Musical Abstract, Painting by Dhanashree Adapawar
  • Black & White Theme, Painting by Dhanashree Adapawar