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Bhavana Masurkar Bagade

Bhavana Masurkar Bagade Artist Statement :

As my interest in practicing mindfulness started to grow, sketching with pencils came naturally to me. Slowly these mindful moments started taking shapes and colours and took a form of an ART! Now this has become more of a meditation for me!

"Citta-Bhava"... is that meditative state where my emotions, feelings and thoughts are flowing freely taking me on an inward journey experiencing complete equanimity!

Every stroke as I paint is a prayer for all the living beings. I wish and hope, my paintings become a medium to make a difference, even a tiniest bit, to the world!

Profile :

I had always been a keen observer of nature. As a child, I used to spend hours at length watching birds, nests, trees, stars etc. Drawing and sketching was another interest. Perhaps the two were connected! Without any formal education in arts, I could draw these objects with fair amount of details, giving due consideration to shapes, contours, colours and shades.

Over the years, education got priority and drawing and sketching got left behind, with only an occasional attention every now and then. I completed my graduation in science from Nagpur University and later on pursued Masterís degree in HR from Pune University.

In 2016 I Left my corporate job as an HR consultant to accompany my husband to Singapore. Here being a 'stay at home' mother, my day used to be cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids and painful reflections about the mediocrity and monotonousness of it all. I found my solace in sketching and drawing and started spending hours working with colours and shades. It became a kind of meditation, helping me to be completely at peace with myself and the world. After these sessions, I used to come†out completely refreshed, ready to take on my domestic responsibilities.

From here emerged "Citta-Bhava"... a meditative art which helps me get deeper into my thoughts and emotions. Thus the topics of my paintings are always different!

I work in dry Pastels, colour pencils and charcoal as this medium gives me time to think, wink, and ponder! It allows me a better control on the strokes to create the art with realistic effects!

  • Anavajja, Painting by Bhavana Masurkar Bagade
  • Abhiyobbana, Painting by Bhavana Masurkar Bagade
  • Navabhimukha - Bow of the Boat, Painting by Bhavana Masurkar Bagade
  • The Dhammachakra Mudra, Painting by Bhavana Masurkar Bagade