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Asmita Ghate

Asmita Ghate Artist Statement :

I, Asmita Anil Ghate, believe that art is learning to see beauty in everything. To me painting (especially nature), is like music which I love to enjoy rather than analyze. Every artwork gives me unique satisfaction of creativity and reveals ways and means to improve upon.

Profile :

After my initial training in commercial arts at Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune, I took up fashion designing as profession supplying fashion ware in India and abroad. However, the artist in me always got expressed well in artistic handicrafts, interior designing and of course painting landscapes, especially those featuring nature, streets, houses and monuments.

I try to paint what I feel rather than what I see. Sometimes, I am as surprised as others when my painting brings out the beauty in apparently mundane and unattractive things and places. Then I am truly thrilled to share this joy of revelation with art lovers.

  • The Window, Painting by Asmita Ghate
  • White Marigolds, Painting by Asmita Ghate
  • Where is My Place, Painting by Asmita Ghate
  • By the Green Brook, Painting by Asmita Ghate