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Emerging Artists

Abhisek Ghosh

Abhisek Ghosh Artist Statement :

Myself Abhisek Ghosh, like to create the profile name as Abhi, I am M.Sc in Environmental Science, and P.G.Diploma in Safety Engineering, I am working in a Large scale Paint Manufacturing Industry for around ten years, in Quality Assurance Department. Painting is my hobby. In the earlier days of schooling I used to go to the art school, like others, but presently I shall like to introduce myself as a self taught painter. I mainly focus on the mythological characters as my subject of painting, and do my paintings on the mixed culture of different Pato-chitra style. I shall be very happy to establish this pattern of painting besides the contemporary arts.


I have participated more than ten group painting exhibitions at Kolkata in last five years, so, this is my drive to reach a much bigger platform of exhibition, by attaching myself with such a big name Indiaart Gallery.


  • Lord Jagannath - Biratrup, Painting by Abhisek Ghosh
  • Durga - The Universal Mother, Painting by Abhisek Ghosh
  • Maruti - the Definition of Dedication, Painting by Abhisek Ghosh
  • Durga with Ganesha, Painting by Abhisek Ghosh