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Pencil and Charcoal Sketching Workshop

Course Objectives

Basics of drawing is in sketching. Even it is in humans mind & physical development.

As a beginner it is better to begin with pencil sketching.

For learning pencil sketching it is better to start with soft lead pencils which helps to draw lines easily and with different tones by changing the pressure on hand movement. While normal writing we hold pencil near the tip of the pencil. For sketching it is suggested to hold pencil away from the tip of the pencil. This gives better control on the movement of the wrist & fingers. By drawing different lines we can show calmness, stead ness, force, rhythm, balance. One can try irregular, circular horizontal, vertical, angular, cross, rhythmic, lines. One can also try even circles, egg shaped circles, semi circle & straight lines, circles drawn from a single point. Cross lines all over the paper. Gradation work also helps develop sketching skills. Which controls what value of drawing.

Even cubism develops to proper sketching. And finally study takes some one to landscaping human face sketch etc.


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