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Oil and Acrylic Painting Workshop


Objective of the course is to know the oil medium. Applicaton of oil colours on oil sketching papers. To begin with Oil sketching papers are used as this surface is cheaper compare to canvas board or canvas cloth. How to start oil painting with linseed oil. Why turpentine is used in oil painting. What care is to take for making brushes long lasting. To know why to start from darker shade to lighter shade. Acrylic painting is done on handmade paper & on canvas. Comparative knowledge of using of both the mediums. Why oil paints take longer time to dry compare to Acrylic colours.

This course is of 10 sessions. It is designed in such a way to know the characteristics of colours, their consistency, uses of oil mediums i.e. linseed oil & turpentine. Variety of brushes available. Generally hog hair brushes are used for oil painting. Work starts from darker tone to lighter tone. Oil painting is done by application of layers of colours. Next layer of colour is applied after drying of first layer. Faculty shows all these to participant, which participants in turn does in the course.


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