Art Events

Kalagram at Ramanbaug School, Pune

It is refreshing to see an educational institution implementing a project which involves developing a garden so that their students can utilise it for all kinds of art forms. We were at the inaugural event of “Kalagram”, an initiative of Ramanbaug School at Pune.

The inauguration was done by senior cartoonist Shri. S. D. (Shi. Da.) Phadnis who demonstrated the art of cartoon drawing apart from talking to the children who were enthusiastic participants on this occasion. Artist Chitra Vaidya also demonstrated water colour painting for the children.

A key feature of Kalagram is the resolve to make it completely environmentally friendly. Thus the garden is watered by a pump which is powered by a stationary bicycle kept there and children take turns to pedal it.

S. D. (Shi Da) Phadnis talks about the art of cartoon drawing
S. D. (Shi Da) Phadnis with cartoon drawing
Chitra Vaidya demonstrating watercolour painting
S. D. (Shi Da) Phadnis and Chitra Vaidya giving finishing touches to their artworks.
Chitra Vaidya with her watercolour painting
S. D. (Shi Da) Phadnis and Chitra Vaidya with their creations
Concluding part of the session