Art Events

Independence Day Cycle Ride

Art of Cycling organised a special cycle ride to commemorate the Independence Day. The group consisted of school children, artists, professionals and senior citizens. The cycles were carried out of Pune in the support truck and the cycling started at Khadakvasla. The weather was perfect for cycling - hardly any traffic on the road and cool climate with an occasional light drizzle. The riders were stopping by to take pictures or do sketches. Breakfast was served at Vrindavan Society near Panshet. The spot offers spectacular views of the dam waters below and the setting was inspiring enough for everyone to do their sketching, painting and photography. The group decided to ride further to Panshet dam and by the time everyone reached the boating club, it had started raining heavily. The return journey saw the group carry back their cycles in the support truck which was large enough to accomodate all the cycles.