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An appreciation workshop on Patua Painting (Bengal)
by Smt. Karuna Chitrakar

About Patua Painting

Patua Painting by Smt. Karuna ChitrakarPatua Painting is a form of Scroll Painting indigenous to West Bengal, a state in India. They narrate mythological and historical stories and are a part of an elaborate cultural performance, where they are unrolled while the story accompanying the pictures is sung. They paint Hindu stories in their scrolls. The Patuas of Mednipore (West Bengal) have practiced this art for centuries and have adapted their art form according to the needs of the time, which has ensured that Patua Painting is one of the few surviving indigenous art forms of the region. The Patuas visit villages and go from house to house with their bag of scrolls. They narrate stories while unrolling the scrolls; in return of his services he is paid in cash or kind.

About Smt. Karuna Chitrakar

Smt. Karuna Chitrakar with her Patua paintingSmt. Karuna Chitrakar is a patua artist of Medinipur, West Bengal. She learnt the art of Patua painting (or scroll songs) from Smt. Dukhushyam and her elder sister, Jamuna. Her whole family paints, including her husband and two sons. They carry on the tradition of scroll-songs, or patua, concentrating on themes they observe in their daily lives. They attempt to portray contemporary social issues through their scrolls.
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