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Revolutionary wheel

How wheel revolutionised human life, civilisation and evolution? Would you call it the greatest invention of all times ? Do you see anything bigger ?


Experiments is language of science

Experimentation is key to development of scientific temper. Science cannot progress without the culture of experimenting all the time. Do you agree ?


If I were on Mars

You land up on planet Mars. Tell us what happens next. Tell us about every facet of your life on Mars. Will you come back or start living there ? How ?


Kitchen science

Cooking a meal is both art and science. Decode the science in the kitchen. As in science, experiments are vital for kitchen. Write about your experiments.


Future of Mobility

Write about how our mobility options as well as choices will change in the future and likely scenario by 2050 for individual and mass mobility.


Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles will become a serious option for personal as well as public transportation. How do you see the future of electric vehicles ?


My car can fly

Do you see a futuristic car that will also fly? Write about your concept for such a car which can fly. Elaborate on how you intend to build it


Future of Computing

Computers have entered every aspect of our life. Where are we headed? Write an essay on the future of computing as you can imagine and visualise.


Will robots replace humans

Do you believe that robots will eventually replace humans in most tasks that we do. Write an essay on the likely scenario and its implications on the society.


Life in Outer Space

We want to know if there is anybody out there in the faraway galaxies and outer space? What kind of life forms and civilisation will that be ?


Artificial Intelligence - a blessing or a threat?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon be part of everything that we do. Is it a blessing for the humanity or a threat ? Submit your essay.


Evolution - where are we headed

We are what we are, after a continuous process of evolution spanning millions of years. Where are we headed ? Write an essay on the the future scenario.


Screen vs. Paper

Availability of paper ensured that we started writing. Printing made books available for masses. With the world going digital, who will win?


Search for new materials

Evolution and progress of human civilisation has been enabled by adoption of new materials. The search for newer materials continues.

Public-transport - solution- pollution

Public transport - solution for pollution

We need to have a robust public transportation system. Write an essay on what needs to be done and how this will curb pollution and congestion.


Water recycling at point of consumption

We are heading towards a massive water crisis. Can large scale water recycling, especially at the point of consumption, help in conserving water?


Water as fuel

Can you imagine future vehicles which will use water as fuel? Write about the feasibility of this scenario along with your views and analysis.


Energy self reliance for India

India is dependent on import of fossil fuels for its energy needs. This is a burden on Indian economy. Develop a roadmap for self reliance.


Food vs Fuel

Food grains can be used to feed people and animals. These can also be used to make fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel. What should we do ?


Back to village

Migration from villages to cities in search of livelihood is a big challenge faced by the world. Write your prescription for reversing this trend.


Back to Nature

Develop a roadmap for sustainable living by being close to nature in whatever we do. You essay should be the action plan which people can follow.


Small is beautiful

Write your thoughts on how a minimalistic approach to life can result into huge savings in consumption of energy and resources of all kinds.


Khadi has the potential to make traditional artisans self reliant and reduce the pressures of migration to cities. Is it still relevant?


Invest in education and health

Should we invest more in education and health so that everyone has access to these basic necessities for a dignified life ? Pen your thoughts.


My food choices

Would you eat based on what you like or would you rather eat what is good for you? Evolve the best combination for you. After all, you are what you eat.


Organic lifestyle and food

Do you believe that turning to organic lifestyle and food is the answer to most of our problems? Write an essay on the organic way of life.


Secrets to long and healthy life

Write your prescription for a long and healthy life. Refer to articles and papers, talk to people who have led a long, active and productive life.


Yoga and Ayurveda

The ancient science of Yoga and Ayurveda has seen a grand revival in recent years. Do you believe that they hold the key to health and wellness ?


Open Category

Write an essay about any other theme or subject you would like to write about. Pick up anything that you are passionate about and write your essay.

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