Khula Aasmaan

Khula Aasmaan exhibition at Indiaart Gallery, Pune
Khula Aasmaan exhibition at Indiaart Gallery, Pune

Indiaart Gallery presents an exhibition of original artworks by shortlisted child and young artists from Khula Aasmaan contests for last two quarters. The exhibition will feature about 30 original artworks of child and young artists from Pune.

Khula Aasmaan is a free platform for creative expression for children ( 5 to 15 years ) and young students ( 15 to 25 years ). Khula Aasmaan attracts entries from children and young students from all over India as well as outside. The contest is ongoing and it closes every quarter. The submission is online, easy and free.

Khula Aasmaan creates a dedicated web page for each shortlisted child and young student and this web page is managed free for the next 3 years. All new creations by the shortlisted children and young artists is published on their dedicated page during this period. Khula Aasmaan will also organise exhibitions of the shortlisted child and young artists at several locations in India. The next Khula Aasmaan exhibition is scheduled at Mumbai in October 2017.

All children and young students are invited to view this exhibition which features shortlisted artworks from earlier Khula Aasmaan contest. They will be guided to participate in Khula Aasmaan and be part of this wonderful platform created for the YOUNG.


Exhibition from 20th May to 2nd June 2017
“Khula Aasmaan” (meaning Open Sky) is a registered trademark which is owned by Link Pvt. Ltd. ( Khula Aasmaan is a platform for creative expression by children and young adults. We have chosen “Khula Aasmaan” as the way to spell this as we believe that it is the phonetically most appropriate way to spell it. Khula Aasmaan may also be spelt as Khula Asmaan, Khula Asman, Khula Aasman.

Khula Aasmaan conducts art competitions and creates educational content in art and science for children and college students. Khula Aasmaan encourages the children and young adults to think independently and express themselves.