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Indiaart Gallery

Select Comments from Guests


We loved the arts and setting too. It is evident that you are pouring your heart into it. I admire your ability to keep doing so many different things in an ongoing manner. All the best wishes...

- Shreeniwas Shirsat

Beautiful experience! Gallery Environment and Everything is lovely!
Thank You.

- Ashok Gokhale

Beautiful! To see a display the sculptures and paintings with such vibrancy.
It was a privilege.

- Abhijat Sridhar

It is a great encouragement to our arts and artists. Paintings and sculptures were indeed enchanting.

- Prashant Iyengar

Peaceful. The space and the display both.
Thank You.

- Ambika Aruna Ganesh

It's worth coming here, amazing hospitality, extremely beautiful painting.

- Roli Mishra

Great! Really worth watching! Enjoyed each photograph. Rare collection and photographs!

- Dr. Sunita Girish

An excellent nostalgic tour of yesteryears. Document of surrender is one, I would have never dreamt to see!

- Sadanand Joshi

प्रेम वैद्य यांनी चित्रित केलेली सुंदर छायाचित्रे पाहून मनापासून खूप खूप आनंद झाला. प्रेम वैद्य यांची "Ocean to Sky" या मोहिमेची तसेच JRD टाटा यांचे फोटो उत्कृष्ठ आहेत. तसेच दिवंगत पंतप्रधान लालबहादूर शास्री यांच्या जीवनातील अखेरची ९ छयाचित्रे. तसेच जे. विसवेश्वराय आणि पं. नेहरू व इंदिरा गांधी उत्कृष्ट फोटो पाहून जुन्या स्मृती जागृत झाल्या.

- Prakash Namdeorao Navkar
Rtd. Gaz. Officer of Ministry of Defence

Amazing and a treasure to behold!
Such great stories behind the stills made it so alive.

- P. Malhotra

Such beautiful images! Make me fall in love with India again!
The brilliance of the frames, colors and composition is amazing.

- Sonali Gogate

Excellent photographs capturing essence of India!

- Atul Kanetkar

Congratulations on the new gallery. We look forward to many such good shows.
Best wishes!

- Dr. Kedar Munshi

Very commendable! Would like to see more and more of Art!

- Malti Kelkar

प्रत्येक चित्रात एक नवीन अनुभव आणि रंगसंगती, पोत दिसून येतो. सगळीचं चित्र आनंद व डोळ्याला शांतता देणारी आणि मनाला मोहणारी आहेत.

- Prasad Rajopadhye

Wonderful! One relived the memories of Varanasi!

- Dr. Manik Kher

Loved the Banaras paintings.
Hope to see many more such! :)

- Arundhati Kalkar

Beautiful art!

- Aruna Sawant

All the best!
Look forward to such events.

- Madhura Gogte