Buddha in Kapilavastu (Ajanta series), painting by Professional Artist Vijay Kulkarni

Vijay Kulkarni who studied fine art at Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai decided to dedicate his life to Ajanta paintings at an early stage in his professional painting career. The Ajanta frescoes are amongst the highest pinnacles achieved by Indian fine arts in its long, continuous march from pre-historic cave paintings to the contemporary art of the present day. Enough has been written about them – the masterful line-work, natural colours, primitive tools, the forms, the composition, the delicate delineation of emotions. In these dark caves with uncertain reflected lighting, a whole school of painting richly records the contemporary social mores, and in the tales depicted, the highest and noblest aspirations of mankind.

Buddha in Kapilavastu (Ajanta series), painting by Vijay Kulkarni
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Vijay Kulkarni
Professional Artist

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Vijay Kulkarni



Buddha in Kapilavastu (Ajanta series)



Print on Archival & Acid Free Paper



72 x 36 inches (182.88 x 91.44 cm)



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Rs. 33,000 (₹ 473)

"Hahnemuehle" (German) make acid free archival paper used. Canvas used is HP or equivalent. 12 colour digital printing.

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