Marine Beauty, painting by Child Artist Aditya Shashank Kulkarni

Shortlist in Khula Aasmaan children's art contest

Marine Beauty, painting by Aditya Shashank Kulkarni
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Aditya Shashank Kulkarni



Marine Beauty



Water colour and pencil on Paper



11.69 x 8.27 inches (29.6926 x 21.0058 cm)

This is the painting showning us the beauty of marine life. The underwaterscene makes our mind fresh. The colours used are also bright and catchy. This painting show us different types of fishes and seaweeds, coral etc
This painting by child artist Aditya Shashank Kulkarni was shortlisted in National Painting Competition by Khula Aasmaan and IISER Pune
Prize winning artworks from art contest by Khula Aasmaan and IISER Pune