Innocence, painting by Child Artist Nidhi Kumari

(Born : 2005)

Gold medal in Khula Aasmaan national painting competition

Acharya Shri Sudarshan Krishna Niketan, Patna, Bihar

Silver Medal
Innocence, painting by Nidhi Kumari
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Nidhi Kumari
Child Artist

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Nidhi Kumari






Graphite pencil on Paper

This painting by child artist Nidhi Kumari, Class 9 received a Silver Medal in Khula Aasmaan national painting competition for April to June 2019.

I have decided the name " Innocence" as the title of my painting. As the name suggested The painting shows a face full of innocence. This piece of artwork is made with the graphic pencils namely - HB 2B and 8B. This is an imaginary Portrait. I love drawing and painting portraits. According to me. A Portrait is the whole description of the person's character" our face shows what we are . But not everyone can understand this our face has its own language for conveying what it wants to expresses. And my imaginary portrait expresses the innocence of a girl child. Who is ignorant , innocent and happy. The Feeling of innocence only exist in a child as he /she grows this gets lost. so, while drawing this painting I wanted to catch the emotion of innocence in my drawing, I hope I have been successful i doing this.