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Vijay Kadam
Meera, Figurative Painting by Vijay Kadam, Water Colour on Paper, 25 X 21
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M. K. Kelkar
Bill Klinton, Portrait & Figurative Painting by M. K. Kelkar, Watercolour on Paper, 17 X 11Watercolour artist Shri. M. K. Kelkar is a disciple of famous artist Late Shri. S. L. Haldankar. He studied watercolour painting and its specialities under the guidance of Late Shri. S. L. Haldankar for five years.
Throughout his life he promoted watercolour painting style. Watercolour plays important part in his paintings. He has painted almost all the subjects in watercolour. He is honoured by Art Society of India, Mumbai and All India Fine Art Society, Delhi for his contribution towards promotion of Art.
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Sudhir Khastagir
Figurative Painting by Sudhir Khastagir, Tempera on Paper, 15 X 20A very prominent and versatile artist Sudhir Ranjan Khastagir was equally proficient in painting and sculpture. He was an active, lively and dynamic artist who came across many renowned personalities in the country and abroad. It is nearly impossible to take any name of the great personalities of those days whose portraits are done by sitting for study in front of him – Rabindranath, Gandhiji, Jawaharlal Nehru, J.Krishnamurtty, Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel, Vijay Lakshmi Pandit, Arnold Bake, Shamsher Jung Bahadur, Prithwiraj Kapur and many others.
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K. B. Kulkarni
Landscape Painting by K. B. Kulkarni, Water Colour on Paper, 10 X 13Shri K. B. Kulkarni was fondly known as “KB” by all his disciples, near and dear ones. KB was born in 1920 in Belgaum District. He was a student of Haldankar’s Art Institute and later became an Art Teacher. He has done Drawing Art Teacher certificate course from Sir. J. J. School of Art, 1945. He was also on the Advisory board for Art Education of Karnataka. He was also a member of Karnataka State Lalit Kala Academy. He was awarded State Award in 1972.
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Vasudeo Kulkarni
The Doll, Figurative Painting by Vasudeo Kulkarni, Oil on Canvas, 48 X 36Vasudeo Govind Kulkarni was born at Peth (Nasik) in Maharashtra in 1903. After training briefly under the legendary Haldankar at his Fine Art Institute in Bombay Kulkarni settled in Nasik, where he founded the Nasik Kala Niketan and encouraged the interfacing of the fine and performing arts to give his students an insight into other systems of creativity. He was the recipient of several prestigious awards and proved to be a distinguished student to the great master-artist Haldankar who had a seminal influence on his work.
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