The Greens, painting by Vinay Sane

Vinay Sane’s portfolio of paintings has undergone a metamorphosis. His portfolio in now consists of his new work which is quite a mature departure from his earlier work.

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S. D. ( Shi Da ) Phadnis on art of cartoon making

Senior illustrator and cartoonist S. D. ( Shi Da ) Phadnis needs no introduction. Every household in Maharshtra has seen and enjoyed his cartoons. Several generations have grown up with a smile on their face, appreciating his subtle humour. He is someone who has perfected the art of making us aware of the oddities in our day to day lives, the subtle humour around that we possibly miss out on and the play of lines, forms and shapes that infuses deep meaning into most mundane things around us.
Khula Aasmaan requested him to talk to the children on the art of cartoon making along with a demonstration. He agreed and the result is these two beautiful and insightful videos, which will not only be of great value to the children but also their parents and teachers.



Children paint at Indiaart Gallery

Children from Mansukhbhai Kothari National School, Pune accompanied by their art teacher Swati Kunte, visited Indiaart Gallery to see the exhibition of paintings by medal winning artworks from Khula Aasmaan contests. After they had seen the show, they got into a painting session at the gallery.
Many of them decided to paint the plants and trees that they saw around, whereas others had different ideas. After they had completed one painting, many of them decided to paint on a postcard.
The sight of 26 children painting at the gallery was by itself fantastic. Children bring energy and ideas to any space that they are in and Indiaart Gallery was no exception on Sunday 5 August 2018. Special thanks are due to their art teacher Swati Kunte, who managed to get them in their school bus and encouraged the children to paint what they felt like true to the spirit of Khula Aasmaan.




Children from Mansukhbhai Kothari National School at Indiaart Gallery

Children from Mansukhbhai Kothari National School, Pune visited Indiaart Gallery to see Khula Aasmaan exhibition of medal winning artworks. This visit was made possible thanks to the initiative of their art teacher Swati Kunte.

Children from Mansukhbhai Kothari National School, Pune
Children of Mansukhbhai Kothari National School painting in a group at Indiaart Gallery

After going through the exhibition, the children had a wonderful painting session at the gallery. The paintings created would be treated as entries to the ongoing Khula Aasmaan contest.

Children in a painting session
Children from Mansukhbhai Kothari National School, Pune during a painting session at Indiaart Gallery, Pune
This girl is about to finish her painting
Deciding on what else she needs to do in this painting
Return bus journey
Time to bid adieu to these children from Mansukhlal Kothari National School, Pune


Art teacher Swati Kunte on Khula Aasmaan

Swati Kunte, who teaches fine art at Mansukhbhai Kothari National School, Pune, organised a visit of their children to Indiaart Gallery to see the Khula Aasmaan exhibition of medal winning artworks. In fact, they came in a busload.

The children looked at the show with great interest and spent quite some time painting at the gallery. The artworks they created will be accepted as entries to the ongoing Khula Aasmaan contest.

Listen to Swati Kunte talk about Khula Aasmaan :




Himalayas – collage paintings by Chitra Vaidya 

Artist Chitra Vaidya, who is featured in the professional artists section of Indiaart, did a big series on the mountains and life in the Himalayan regions of Kumaon and Himachal. She did several watercolour paintings apart from sketches and acrylic on canvas paintings. She also painted a few collages which were mix media paintings on handmade paper.

Now, several years after she painted the mountains primarily in watercolors, Chitra is working on a series of mix media collage paintings on handmade paper depicting the magnificent Himalayan mountains.

The trigger for this was interesting – recently one of her collages were picked up by a collector at Indiaart Gallery for her home in U. S. Another client of Indiaart who was looking at the same painting, was disappointed to have missed out picking up this painting. This client requested me to let the artist know that he would like to pick up another collage. When I communicated this request to Chitra Vaidya, she decided to paint a series and not just one more painting. She said that she enjoyed painting the collages and she would be happy to paint several of them.

Very soon these mix media collages of the majestic and beautiful Himalayan mountains by Chitra Vaidya will be featured by Indiaart.

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Dr. Jaya Vedamony talks about her daughter Janelle

Dr. Jaya Vedamony narrates the remarkable story of her daughter Janelle, who despite her dyslectic condition, worked hard and has managed to get into National Institute of Fashion Technology. Janelle always wanted to pursue fashion designing. Dr. Jaya shares the story of her daughter, her struggles, her dreams and how getting shortlisted in Khula Aasmaan helped her.
Janelle now has a dedicated web page of her own. Over the next few years, this page of Janelle will show the progress this girl will make despite the odds that she faced earlier. Khula Aasmaan congratulates her and wishes her all the success in her future career. We look forward to some fantastic creations from this member of Khula Aasmaan family.


Architect Sudhir Jambhekar talks about his career

Not many Indian architects have spent five decades in designing projects which would be built all over the world. It is not merely the number of projects and the geographies that they were designed for, but the sheer diversity of the project concepts made a fascinating study.
I requested Architect Sudhir Jambhekar to talk to Khula Aasmaan as his story would be very relevant and inspirational for all the young minds who are part of Khula Aasmaan apart from their parents. He gladly agreed to talk to the youngsters from Khula Aasmaan platform.

Profile of Architect Sudhir Jambhekar



Young Shrutika from a small village school visited Khula Aasmaan exhibition

It was heartening to see young Shrutika with her parents coming over today to visit Khula Aasmaan exhibition at Indiaart Gallery. Her mother Bhagyashree teaches at Zilla Parishad school at village Mutha which is in Mulshi taluka. Her father is an engineer and works with a leading automotive company. The school Shrutika goes to has 12 students and two teachers, one of whom is her mother. Her parents had the motivation to bring her to see Khula Aasmaan exhibition of medal winning artworks. This is what good parenting is all about !

Young Shrutika with parents at Indiaart Gallery
Young Shrutika engrossed in painting at Indiaart Gallery, as parents look on

Shrutika was delighted to learn that she could draw and paint at the gallery and that she would be provided with the materials.
I would like to invite all the children from rural and remote communities to connect with Khula Aasmaan and have an enriching experience.

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Artist Chitra Vaidya demonstrates painting rose flowers

Chitra Vaidya, a professional artist and an art educator, demonstrates painting rose flowers in watercolours.

In this video, artist Chitra Vaidya, who is a popular art educator apart from being an accomplished artist, demonstrates painting rose flowers using watercolours. She not only explains the technique of watercolour painting but also shares the thought process that goes into making of a fine watercolour painting.

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