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Themes : Travel Diaries

Travel you must, for it keeps you alive and young. It is only by travel that you will see far away places, meet interesting people, understand their culture, eat all kinds of food, experience sun, moon, rain, thunderstorms and snow. It is only when you travel, that you will get to ride long distance trains, fly to distant destinations, take a boat ride in the river or the sea, ride your bicycle or motorcycle or drive long distances in a car you have rented.

Each travel of yours will enrich you with knowledge and you will come back with several unique experiences. Khula Aasmaan urges children and young adults to share their observations and insights by way of creative expression.

Children (5 to 15 years) should submit sketches, drawings, doodles, paintings, cartoons, whereas young adults (15 to 25 years) should submit Sketches & Drawings, Paintings, Cartoons, Comic Art, Posters, Doodles, 3D Art on paper, Photographs (camera and cellphone), Digital Art (any artwork created using digital tools).

Please make sure that you submit the following information for each artwork submitted by you : Title, Description (in any language of your choice), Size of the artwork, Medium



Khula Aasmaan - Travel Diaries