Khula Aasmaan

Khula Aasmaan® / खुला आसमान


Khula Aasmaan is the new age platform for children and young students which encourages creative thought and innovation. Find amazing artworks and stimulating content by the young generation. Participate in Khula Aasmaan contest and get featured on To know more, write to us at or WhatsApp on +91-9325530547
Children & Youth Art
Quarterly Contest | Free Entry
1st January 2018 to 31st March 2018


Terms and Conditions
  • Khula Aasmaan is open and free for students in the following age groups - 5 to 15 years and 15 to 25 years. Khula Aasmaan has been conceptualised and organised by Link Pvt. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Indiaart)
  • There will be a quarterly contest and the submission will be online using the form provided on
  • Entry to Khula Aasmaan contests is FREE.
  • Children between the age 5 to 15 years can submit their entries in the following types of art :
    • Sketches & Drawings
    • Paintings
    • Cartoons
    • Collage
  • Young students between the age 15 to 25 years can submit their entries in the following types of art :
    • Sketches & Drawings
    • Paintings
    • Cartoons
    • Comic Art
    • Posters
    • Doodles
    • 3D Art on paper
    • Photographs (camera and cellphone)
    • Digital Art (any artwork created using digital tools)
  • The jury of Khula Aasmaan will shortlist entries from those received for showcasing them on and its allied platforms.
  • A special featured online exhibition will be presented on for the shortlisted artworks from each quarterly contest.
  • Indiaart will create a dedicated web page for each shortlisted student and will maintain the portfolio of the student's artworks for a period of two years.
  • All shortlisted artworks (original) will be required to be sent to Indiaart by the respective participant. These artworks will be retained by Indiaart and will become the property of Indiaart. Indiaart will use these artworks for the purpose of exhibitions, promotions and for any other purpose as may be required from time to time. Indiaart will not sell any of these artworks and these will be retained by Indiaart in its collection at all times.
  • No payment will be made to any shortlisted artwork that is sent to Indiaart.
  • Indiaart will intimate all shortlisted students to send their original artworks to Indiaart within 10 days of being intimated. After all the shortlisted artworks are received by Indiaart, the names of the shortlisted students will be announced by Indiaart on its website as well as all allied platforms. Those students who do not send their original artwork to Indiaart will not be eligible for any further promotion by Indiaart such as being part of the featured online exhibition as well as creation of individual web page on
  • Decision of Indiaart will be final and binding.